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CareMonkey helps schools deliver a better duty of care by allowing parents to easily update emergency contacts and medical conditions, provide consent, and to help school staff to know exactly what to do, who to call, and what to tell paramedics in an emergency.

Parent Support


CareMonkey uses email as the main way to communicate with you. You’ll receive an email invitation asking you to create your account.

If you can’t find the email invitation:

  1. Please check the junk and spam folders in your email account.
  2. Ask your school/club if they have the correct email address for you (they may have the wrong spelling or used a different email address).
  3. Ask your school/club whether they have sent any CareMonkey forms to you yet (you will NOT receive an email invitation until they send you a form).

If you can’t find the Confirmation email after creating your account, you can resend it to yourself by following these instructions.

It’s easy to reset your password.

  1. Go to the CareMonkey Sign in page (make sure you’re signing in to your home location).
  2. Simply click Forgot password? and follow the instructions.

If you still have problems follow these instructions.

There’s nothing for you to do until you receive an email invitation. The invitation will contain a link for you to click which will allow you to create your CareMonkey account.

If you’re using Group Edition, you’ll need to ask the school to give another person permission to access your child’s details and respond to forms.

If you’re using Community Edition you can give access to your child’s CareMonkey data by sharing the care profile you have created. Simply login and click the ‘Share’ button. Follow these instructions.

eForms you need to respond to are found at the top of Care Central in the ‘Requests’ area. If you can’t find an eForm you are expecting, please review the following:

1. eForms can have a ‘Respond by’ date. When the respond by date has passed, the eForm will no longer be visible for you to respond to. Contact your school or club.
2. The eForm may not have been sent to you yet. If you know it has been sent, then contact your school or club to ensure you were invited to the eForm

You can respond and sign eForms by logging in to CareMonkey on your PC, tablet or mobile device. Just follow these instructions.

In certain circumstances, you can change a response to an eForm. Just follow these instructions.


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