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School trips should be fun, but preparing and managing school trips can be painful. CareMonkey makes organising events easier and carrying paperwork everywhere a thing of the past. Ensure your staff are better prepared, and know exactly what to do, who to call, and what to tell ambulance paramedics in an emergency.

Field Trip Approval

Trips Approved Faster

Staff apply online to take students on field trips with unlimited approval workflows.

Online Consent Forms

Collect Consent Faster

Collect consent and signatures faster, and with significantly less hassle.

Student Medical Forms

Up-To-Date Medical Forms

Up-to-date emergency and medical contacts, medical conditions and personalised care instructions.

Instant Access

Instant Access

Give staff instant access to emergency contacts, medical conditions, and action plans.

Offline Capability

Offline Capability

Access emergency information, even when excursions take you off the grid.

Log Injuries

Log Injuries

Report incidents as they happen, rather than relying on memory.

Roll Call

Excursion Roll Call

Keep track of students on trips (e.g. at the bus stop, on the bus, etc)

Private Notes

Share Private Notes

Share helpful notes about students with other staff members.

Group Messaging

Group Messaging

Send SMS and email messages to groups or individual parents and staff.


Student safety is the most important part of any field trip or activity. CareMonkey gives authorised teachers and staff instant access to emergency contacts, medical conditions and personalised care instructions (e.g. allergy and asthma action plans), even when offline.

Instant Access of Field Trips

Instant Access

Know exactly what to do, who to call, and what to tell paramedics in an emergency.

Offline Capability

Offline Capability

Access emergency information when excursions take you off the grid.



Staff have better things to do than send, chase and file paperwork for every excursion and every student. CareMonkey’s online permission forms allow you to start collecting consent within minutes. Permission forms are sent directly to parents, rather than being lost in school bags. This means no more printing and distributing forms, no more lost or crumpled forms, and no more chasing parents for missing information. CareMonkey sends automated reminders to parents who forget, so you don’t have to.

Request Consent Online

Request Consent Online

Online school forms sent directly to parents (not via school bags).

Automated Reminders for Parents

Automated Reminders

Automatically chases up missing forms from parents, so you don’t have to.

Collect payment and consent together

Collect Payments

Collect payments and consent at the same time. Go cashless too!



Staff would rather not have to carry around paper copies of every student’s medical profile. Carrying sensitive information on paper is not just a hassle, it is also a security risk. Paper forms can be lost, stolen, photographed, or read by anyone without you knowing. CareMonkey gives authorised staff instant access to medical records, plus access can be removed immediately after the event. It’s easier, more practical, and more secure.

No more carrying paper forms on school trips
Keep staff happy with CareMonkey

Keep staff happy

Ditch the paper and give your staff a helping hand. They’ll be grateful for the time saved and the lighter load in their backpack!

More secure and private

More secure and private

Password, code, fingerprint or face ID protection ensures only authorised staff can access sensitive information.

Remove access after school trips

Remove access after trips

Ensure private information is not lying around in teacher’s cars, homes and bags by removing access after trips.


CareMonkey is packed with features to help teachers and staff manage trips on the day. From keeping track of students to sending messages to parents, managing excursions has never been easier.

Excursion Roll Call

Excursion Roll Call

Keep track of students during your school trip. Staff can take an attendance roll call at multiple checkpoints throughout a trip (e.g. at the bus stop, on the bus, etc).

Send Messages to parents

Send Group Messages

Keep everyone in the know by sending SMS and email messages to parents or other staff members (e.g. the bus is running late, trip cancelled due to weather, etc)

Mobile Incident Reporting

Mobile Incident Reporting

Now you can report incidents and accidents on your mobile as they happen, rather than relying on memory back at your desk. Document injuries and other medical events with the ability to add photos, and send accurate information directly to the office via CareMonkey.

Share private notes about student

Log notes

Document details about the field trip including good and bad behaviour, student preferences or activities, achievements on the trip and more. Private Notes are designed for staff to log useful information regarding students on the trip and can include photographs.

Manage volunteer for events

Manage Volunteers with background checks

Schools often rely on volunteers. CareMonkey makes it easy to request who would like to volunteer, then provides useful information to the staff who are managing the event. You can collect background checks to ensure volunteers have working with children authorisation.


Before staff can take students on a trip, they need to get approval first. CareMonkey allows you to set-up unlimited approval workflows to get approval faster. Using CareMonkey’s self-service forms you can provide staff with ‘Trip Request’ forms. These requests can be sent to one or many people (Approvers) for approval. Approvers can approve or reject the request and add notes to explain why. Staff members can monitor if their application is pending, rejected or accepted, and of course, CareMonkey’s automated reminders ensure the Approvers don’t forget to process requests. Your staff and Educational Visits Coordinator will love this!

CareMonkey Approval Workflows


Watch this short video and see how you can create a self-service school trip request form with approval workflows in just a few minutes.

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